Dedicated to Excellence For Your Home.

Look at the small details of craftsmanship when you really want to measure the worth of a builder. It's there that our commitment to quality stands out. At Queensgate and Brixen we have always prided ourselves on giving "details" the highest priority, and our superior workmanship is reflected in the design and construction of every project we undertake. For more than 30 years, as members in good standing with BILD, Tarion and the Ontario Home Builders Association, Queensgate's pursuit of excellence has been evident in a steady stream of successful residential and commercial developments.

Brixen Developments was formed out of a commitment to a common set of values, central of which is the notion that building and development are about people — the people who live, work and play in the communities and neighbourhoods we transform. These values are first and foremost in our approach to design and construction.

The collaboration of Queensgate and Brixen brings together decades of meticulous attention to detail. Our record of excellence can be seen across dozens of Queensgates' communities, and custom masterpieces combined with Brixen's extensive high-rise construction experience. We are excited to be working together to bring you this inspired new community, truly like no other Barrie has seen.

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